Are you a musician?

In 13 days, October 11th 2006 to be exact, I would have not cut my hair for 2 years. (Minus the 500th-day sideburn trim.)

I think I’ll keep it for a while, still, for I have found more reasons to treasure my hair lately. For one, it’s never the same; meet me 3 months later and you’d think I had a different hairstyle. What cheaper way to have different styles of hair than to leave it to grow through phases? (short, slight thickness, poking your eyes, poking your nose, poking your mouth, so heavy your hair doesn’t puff, shoulder-length, long-enough-to-tuck-under-armpits-length, covering-your-bosom-length, covering-your-navel-length, replacing-your-… er, nevermind.)

My plan, after growing it till it makes no difference, would be to make dreadlocks, and then go bald, and then look like a boy again. But then I’d miss headbanging like so.

(Credits to smashpOp for taking these pictures.)


I was at my distraught-friend‘s birthday party, sitting at this rather quiet sober table with this guy and two hot chicks. Let’s label them hot chicks as Lisa and Shel.

The guy was telling stories about how he was hopelessly gentlemanly with girls, and how his friends tell him off for being a nice guy.

He once bought a girl a Hush Puppy, stuffed a RM1

17 thoughts on “Are you a musician?

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    ShaolinTiger: Damn, how’d you know? Anyway, I said that I play guitar. She then asked if I play bass as well. Yeah, I said. Then birthday girl said that she brought her guitar in case the party needed spicing up, and that it was in her room (which was also allocated for bonking, as it was her policy to always designate a bonking room at parties). I got up to walk there, and Shel followed, hopping behind, as if she was going "YEAY YEAY I get to see a hottie play guitar!"

    I sat on the bed, tuning the rusty-strung guitar up, and tested the sound of the guitar. "Sing lah!" she said. I couldn’t think of anything, so I did a Search song. Yes, a hair metal band. As I was doing double-bends during the solo, the third string snapped! "Shit, I broke her G string."

    "It’s okay. Do you wanna play with my G string?" She winked, walked to the door and locked it, and came to sit next to me.

    I don’t kiss and tell, but you can pretty much guess what happened.

  2. Waifon Post author

    I kept my hair for 5 years before I chopped it last year for prom. you’ll never believe the number of people who are more than willing to help me saw that bunch of hair off. Damn thick can die.

    Your hair so damn nice kay. Can do advert. Kalah hair models. and uhh… sambung la citer!!! imagination not power enough to draw a conclusion to that story.

  3. stim-girl Post author

    You look very good in this picture…

    Somehow reminds me of Brokenscar though. haha..

    And i wanna hear your sex story!!! hehehe…


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