fiftynineminutes (not too late)

So I went for fiftynineminutes, by The Oral Stage, took pictures, and was entertained!

One of the reasons why I like going to plays – the play-watching chicks! (Suanie I swear I didn’t intend to crop you! My camera is not wi… er, nevermind.)

The photographer chicks!

Patricia Low plays a mixed up nationality maid. I couldn’t place her accent, but she was cute in an adorable way, how she shuffled about in between each story, arranging props for the next scene. Yup, it was a very clever way of avoiding turning off the lights, while being entertained in between shows.

Best Foot Forward was apparently written as a comedy but interpreted as a drama. I had some hesitation, it being written by Rauf Fadzilla, who wrote the freakiest play in Rojak!, that howling Damnation piece.

Lam Wai Yee in Mother Tongue, who plays an actress who does a myriad of annoying roles.

But hell…

…she is hot. Fireangel thinks so too. *paging for Lainie*

Then, there was Fruitcake, a haunting drama…

…with guest appearance by Gary Ooi, last seen in The Shape Of Things.

Krystle Wong, super cuuute in Showers Of Flowers. I think this picture explains what it’s about.

…I think.

TRACK, about a couple making love over dinner. With ropes.

Johann Lim does a hilarious monologue – The World’s Smelliest Durian, about a man who dreams to build the world’s tallest durian tower.

I didn’t understand The Ground Floor until Emilie asked me, “What is the lowest ground floor you can think of?

Spot the Priya on the far-right, playing the horny necrophiliac!

Very worth the RM10, especially the durian monologue. Youth theater, for youths, for people who don’t want to go and get mind-f-ed, rid of pretentiousness. Well, minus the wavering accents that is. But that is a problem here anyway – actors/actresses are encouraged to use their real accents, because few people can consistently do another accent well. However, thespians here are urban, educated people who have had some smattering of another country, giving different accents. So when you have somebody with a British accent talk to somebody with an American accent, you can’t help but be annoyed.

KY Speaks also reviewed it. Fireangel too! Thanks Emilie for the friends-and-family-screening invite!

Yes, you can still catch it; it last run is this October 1st 2006. Details here!

5 thoughts on “fiftynineminutes (not too late)

  1. bunnywunny Post author

    How strange! Is this what you call startling serendipity? Just yesterday, I was walking past Dram Projects, the name of the Section 17 PJ office that houses the production rehearsals for Oral Stage, and even spoke to Louisa for a bit. And when I visit my blog today, after a one-week hiatus, I find your comment! And this post! Goosebumps galore!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    bunnywunny: Ah yes, but you didn’t exactly say if you were on the LRT or not. 😛

    Lainie: Actually, I was paging you to the fact that FA was gushing over the hot babe. Unless you’re implying that you’ve already done a fair share of conversion. :O

  3. Wai Yee Post author

    Ooh.. pictures!
    sorry I annoyed you with the accents. Couldn’t be helped, it was what the script had called for. haha

    glad you think the show was worth watching anyway. And thanks for the pictures. Am hunting for more. Still waiting for our photographer to release the 4GB worth of our pictures. hehe


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