Rain Pours, Moon Shines

The rain dampened the spirits of many on the relatively low-turnout September 14th 2006 edition of Moonshine.

Kohl started slow and mellow acoustic stuff.

However, this pro bassist brought up the funk, and they were excellent at it.

Melina of Tempered Mental looking hotter than ever.

Jack goes wild, for the first time seen without his red Stratocaster; this time, an aggressive Ibanez. He was making full use of the humbuckers, doing shrieking harmonics. Kinda like Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) without the pointy-shaped guitars. Tempered Mental had never been that thrash metal-ish. I lapped up Jack’s every palm-muted chug and distorted solo.

Kluk Kluk Adventure.

Spot the Duan of Seven Collar T-Shirt in the background!

Pete Teo, in his first time performing at Laundry Bar. He played his earlier songs because the mood wasn’t tender enough. I tend to think of Laundry Bar as a younger version of Alexis Bistro, Great Eastern Mall though.

One Buck Short started with a very interesting, new, proper anarchistic punk rock song. In Malay.

Open mike.

And now, to somewhat unrelated business:

The Curve has plenty of trashcans just like this one.

I can’t pimp her because, while she did identify the exact location of the kiddie ride here, she did not identify the blogger it looked like.

Shaz, however, got it right, guessing Midvalley and Bryan Chin.

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    pinz: Thanks for rocking/ska-ing out with me!

    Silencers: The 18-200mm is short but extends far; this was Asyraf’s 70-200mm F2.8 VR.

    Matthew: Replied.

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