Project Rock-it

Here’s to some oversaturated rock show pictures. Specifically that of Project Bazooka’s, at Laundry Bar, one 21st of September 2006.

Looong exposure, with someone walking past.

Seen a lash? SURE!

Check out the pickguard! Telebury and their jangly indie-pop. The sound does get repetitive after 3 songs featuring those cutesy single-note riffs.

Khai-Lee shows us how to enjoy a rock show; with ease… and slippers.

SingleTrackMind, doing quite a few rock ballad covers.

Solid band, but for some reason did not hit it with the audience.

One Buck Short, a punk rock band I saw the previous Thursday.

Count the frets!

I think I’ve finally honed the gamma levels to look nearly oversaturated, with (darker) dark mids on a CRT monitor at maximum brightness, while looking decently saturated with dark mids looking… dark on a minimum brightness LCD monitor. A compromise between both brightness levels, though technically, my CRT is calibrated properly, and I haven’t figured out how to calibrate correct gamma on the office’s Radeon X300 video cards connected to LCD monitors. Are these pictures too dark/bright for you? Leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Project Rock-it

  1. huiwen7 Post author

    An impressive and brilliant blog you have here, Albert. =)

    In my opinion, the pictures are dynamic especially the 6th one. The brightness of the pictures are fine on my CRT monitor by the way.

    Enjoyed reading your blog very much!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I used to muck with levels to increase contrast. However, increasing the saturation is a much tastier way of giving an illusion of contrast, while isolating different-colored items in a picture.

    I’ll blog about how I killed those dark mids, to avoid them showing up as distasteful JPG compression on LCDs. It also decreases file size. 😀


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