Two Years Pass My Ears

A change is coming, and those of you who hop over to Laundry Bar for Moonshine will see it. What better way to show The Before than to take dramatic off-camera-light-type shots? (Strobist is an excellent blog about off-camera lighting techniques.)

October 11th, 2006 marks the second year anniversary of me not getting a haircut. (Okay, so I did get my sideburns evened out…)

3 thoughts on “Two Years Pass My Ears

  1. huiwen7 Post author

    Thanks for the useful techinical info, Albert. I’ve been shooting pictures with my 3700 since 2 years ago but yeah, it’s very dissappointing when one can’t control the ISO level.

    I do have funds to buy a ‘gun’ but certainly a not too big one lah. =) I was thinking of getting myself an entry-level DSLR. Any recommendations?

    Anyway, what kind of ‘change’ is it going to be? Dreadlocks eh? Interesting…


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