Rock To When?

One 8th of October 2006, I went for Octoven, a gig in Jamasia out of nothing-to-do-ness, and shot all these shots with my Fujifilm Digital Q1 manual-focus infrared-modded camera. I took only the green channel, being the least noisy (I shot without a filter that blocks normal light, so the infrared was mixed with the lights which were mostly reds and blues.)

Reza Salleh And The Fumakillas. Clockwise from top-left: Melina, from Tempered Mental; Stephanie, from Ground Xero; Hanafi, who rocked harder than I’ve ever seen than in Estranged, complete with wails and funky space effects; Reza Salleh the acoustic singer-songwriter turned alternative rocker (though was he was from there to begin with? I don’t know.)

Top-left: Vima of Qings & Kueens, also the funny emcee; bottom-left: Kevin Theseira on bass; right: Paul shreds at the speed of light to their brand of royal rock and roll. (Speaking of which, I prefer their older stuff, which they don’t seem to play anymore.)

The Great Spy Experiment from Singapore was next. The Strokes and Bloc Party would have been name-dropped by the audience, as they performed solid indie pop. The frontman/guitarist’s strap broke, but he continued rocking, knee bracing his guitar! (Until a strap was lent to him.)

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