From Seremban To Subang

On the 18th of August 2014, I took the KTM Komuter to Seremban, crossed the road, walked past Seremban Parade (now known as Seremban Prima), and found myself this old gem…

…an A&W Drive-Thru!

An old sign, and Seremban Prima in the background.

I came here on the tip-off of Nicholas Chin, who remembers an epic playground like the one at the PJ Drive-In in Taman Jaya. Sadly, there wasn’t one anymore. (From this angle, it should match this picture.)

Nothing on this green patch, either.

I don’t know whether to go in or go out.

The drive-thru road. I have to say I really like the design of the roof.

The outdoor area.

The indoor area, next to the counter.

The ice-cream corner. Note the untouched pictures. I like it. It’s not even retro; it’s authentic.

The party room. Unlike McDonald’s, they’ve not killed the party rooms.

Sofas and not-so-aged chairs.

For the record, he is Rooty the Great Root Bear!

I used to take the KTM to Seremban years ago. She’s married with a kid now. I also looked young. People also appreciated infrared portraiture.

Back to the story, 10 days later, 28th August 2014.

It was Leg Day, so I walked from the Subang KTM Komuter station. The roundabout near this was the craziest part of it all!

A&W, Kompleks 3K, Subang.

Classic benches! I will always have a thing for these.

Classic spelling of Root Beer, not the Malaysian-ized RB.

Was this a playground? This was my first time here, so I had no idea.

This would also be my last time, because I came here to say hello… and goodbye. After the false alarm of the closure of the PJ Drive-In, is a real closing down.

From the outside. I like the spine on the roof in front of the counter.

Giant root beer and ice-cream area.

More classic pictures!

The waffle machines.

No way, a stairway!

This was the first A&W I’d been to with an actual stairway that wasn’t part of a playground or a restricted area.

A large party room!

RB bottles for recycling!


Pictures of Rooty.

Oh dear goodness. Rooty!

I did not have an accomplice nor an escape vehicle so Rooty stayed untouched.

I sadly can’t find any pictures of the A&W that used to be in KLCC, despite going there very often in my college days and for a while after that, until it closed down. It’s sad though how A&W outlets would open at choice locations, with large interiors, and the always awesome Bearland (that’s what they call their playgrounds) and yet not sustain business.

So I continued Leg Day (or rather, Leg Night) and walked on to Sunway Pyramid, where I found the largest Johnny Rockets in the world, in Sunway Pyramid! I sure hope they sustain that diner magic that I’m sure A&W cast on us and older generations!

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