Here comes a non-macro filler post.

One fine day many many moons ago, I decided that it would be fun to take a picture of something exploding or shattering into pieces.

We had plenty of free expired Vitamin C bottles in the office, and smashpOp and I set out to an abandoned field to capture beautiful shots of destruction.

I wore my safety goggles, and smashpOp hid behind his (then) Panasonic FZ-5, zoomed all the way in, to capture the explosion without getting hit by the shards.

But first, clear out the expired Vitamin C tablets! (Okay, in retrospect, this would’ve been better shot from under my hand.)

Not enough tablets exited the bottle’s neck in one swing, so I poured them into the box. I’m not sure how we got the cloudy effect though.

Now that the bottle was cleared, we had one shot! I practiced by tossing a rock and seeing how far it went, so smashpOp could frame it. (The bottle is about to land on the far right.)

Of course, it didn’t just land. It bounced!

Alas, it did not break, so gravity might bring in more impact!

Mission failed. This was one indestructible Vitamin C bottle. Safety glass. I’ll know where I wanna keep my valuables next time – in such thick, bouncy glass.

6 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. Silencers Post author

    If the thick bouncy glass bottle had a thick bouncy glass cap that requires a trick to open, then it’d be perfect.

    I still think a bullet can pierce through that glass, though.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Dr. Tan: AWESOME!

    Silencers: I sure as heck hope bullets don’t bounce off the bottle then.

    Jack|SQ: Yes, I emptied it in the course of the first two shots. They were expired anyway. 😛

  3. Jack|SQ Post author

    Hey! I recognize the Appeton Vit. C bottle, you stole it from the fish tank! Haha. Was it empty before the ‘experiment’?


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