To Be Fair, I Am White

While some of you are in Malacca partying, I took the less tiring route – Halloween night at Zouk, 27th October 2006. It had been a while, since the last time I was there was for the Paris Hilton album launch in August 2006. Was I going to break my paying-entry-to-Zouk-virginity?


People who come dressed up in costumes get in free.

So I went to Ruud‘s (say it aloud, it sounds cooler than Ruums), and Diane worked her magic. YK was in town too.

What’d I do? A sadako ala cheeserlando? (I didn’t have a white robe.)

The before. (YK on the right with intentionally misaligned buttons.)

Awww how sweet.

Behind the scenes. (Click image for bigger version.)

The after.

It looks better in infrared! Thanks to Diane for the idea, and YK for the uh… note.

Rudy Of The Dead’s arm.

Spot the tattoo.

Rush to Zouk! We have a dying man!

Uh. Who took this picture in the parking lot?

Ben crossing the road. He was the only dude looking normal, so we figured we’d all get in a car, speed, and when stopped, say there was a man about to die (while pointing to Ben.)

Zouk’s Dungeon Of Tortures!

Halt! Who goes there?

Be you angels?

Natalie. Fear her, she is in her pajamas.

Left to right: Kel Li is very scary. Natalie looks like a sleepy murderer. I don’t know what Yoke May’s costume is, but I like it anyway. 😉

Kel Li is scary even when not in costume. (She just jumped in the frame when I was taking a picture.)

Zouk mainroom was quite empty at that time, so we adjourned to good ol’ The Loft (upstairs from Zouk) for Twilight Action Girl, those four deejays who got me started on the whole British rock invasion last year. JUICE Magazine declared it electro night. I love electro, but some people find other methods of entertainment.

Back to main room. (Middle picture’s colors were inverted.)

The haze is in here too. ARGH!

Visibility under 10 meters. Death in 10 minutes.

The decks.

Cool props! Some dudes danced with them.

Fire dwarfs.

Thanks Diane! I have never camwhored with so many strangers in my life before! I didn’t take a lot of pictures though.

I walked and heads turned, trying to read what it said. I now knew what it must’ve been like to be some cele-brie-ty.

I had to wash it off in the toilet, as I didn’t want to give a poor cabbie a heart attack. Well, one taxi driver did speed off when he saw Jack Sparrow. (I didn’t have make up remover so yeah.)

Free lighter!

I will get back to scheduled geek programming soon. Yes, I have at least two super macro posts coming up.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! Happy scaring some chick’s panties off.

15 thoughts on “To Be Fair, I Am White

  1. huiwen7 Post author

    *laughs* Everything is so funny lah! From the note on your forehead to your captions!

    It would be nice if I could go to Zouk to celebrate Halloween as my birthday is on that day. Unfortunately, the axeman guarding the entrance will execute me for trying to enter Zouk.

    This entry is a fun-filled one and I love it!

  2. jed Post author

    Hohoho, found out already. The note says "I only chase girls" – "Ngo Zi Jui Lui Jai". Ooops, did I spoil the fun?

  3. kellster Post author

    hahaha …
    im not scary larrr hahahahaha
    but i get wat ur trynig 2 say HAHAAH 😛

    jack: thanks sweetie !!!

  4. Laynie Post author

    Yeah I’m too young to go to Zouk too… but not too young for Laundry Bar so see you guys there tonight! haha.

    That blood is frickin realistic. Diane, do me next!


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