October In A Flash

It’s the end of October, and it’s Stock Clearance time! Random unrelated pictures with some helpful technical details follow.

Paris Hilton’s album launch at Zouk, with emcees Joey G and Paris Hilton Daphne Iking.

This was in Manual Exposure mode; when flashing, there are a few variables that control the exposure of the flashed subjects and the unflashed subjects, namely:

ISO – increasing the sensitivity makes the flash appear to reach further. It also increases the brightness of the unflashed subjects.
Aperture – same effect as ISO; brighter apertures (e.g. F2.8) make the flash appear to reach further, and brighten the unflashed subjects.
Shutter Speed – choosing a slower shutter speed brightens the unflashed subjects. Faster shutter speeds can kill off the light that is present, so choose 1/500th of a second to make it seem like the only light is the flash. A slow shutter speed can leave motion trails on a moving flashed subject, or leave some colored lighting on the flashed subject.
Flash intensity/power – a more powerful flash reaches further. In this case, the flash power is at 2/3rds (so it only hits the front dancers and not the back dancers.)

Cindy! These are the same ol’ dancers I see everywhere!

Flash the smoke!

I say to Cheryl: I’ve got a tent. 😉

Ooo. Smoke.

What’s up dog?

And now, for more pussy!



Laundry Bar’s furniture doesn’t look so cool in daylight.

There it is, for everybody who doesn’t know where to find Laundry Bar in The Curve; it’s under that pointy dome, near Cineleisure.

I like how the wheelchair dude gets mall wall space.

Ciplak plays dress up every appearance.

A normal macro shot of a not-found-in-Malaysia Nokia phone.

If only I had second-curtain flash.

The difference between a bright and dark aperture; left: F2.8 is a bright aperture; right: F8.0 is a dark aperture, needing slower shutter speeds, but lets more objects appear to be in focus.

We now proceed to the National Science Center. When I was a kid I always wanted to be an inventor!

Wow, a wau.

Now that’s fun.

Corny heart.

More flash balancing, featuring smashpOp and Kingsley.

Left side, top to bottom: A 52-67mm step up ring and a 67-72 step up ring; my Fujifilm Digital Q1 manual-focus infrared-modded camera with an empty 52mm ring superglued to it; so I can screw filters in front of it, (though I have to remove filters to focus) ending with the 52-67 reverse macro adapter, which makes it kinda cute.
Right side, top to bottom: The two rings were superglued, so they are male on both sides, at 52mm and 67mm, to make a reverse macro adapter to mount Paul‘s Nikkor 50mm F1.8D lens in front of his Nikkor 18-135mm F3.5-5.6G lens to make supermacro like this hole; me behind the adapter behind my Canon Powershot A520.

Speaking of supermacro, check out this guy’s setup on a Canon Powershot A70; he did it way back in 2004 with a flash, even! (However, gluing two equal-sized threads may not give as much surface area.)

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