Dang One-Ghee

I brought Asyraf, Steph, Xian Jin and Kingsley to somewhere behind Dang Wangi, behind the famous pork-serving Yut Kee restaurant. (Thanks to Agent Jacintha for introducing me to that place!)

WHOA SWEEET a Toyota Scion xB! I love this toaster tuner car!

Broken bricks.

Windows 1975.

Anyway, Xian Jin was the first daring one to step into the ruins.

Kingsley risked his life posing there, as a drug addict could leap out and stab him with a HIV needle RAWR!

We found this freaky picture freshly glued there. While Asyraf snaps away, Xian Jin is the slave flasher!

I spy a pink frog.

MEOW! Get away!

And so, we went to eat at Yut Kee’s.

Pork chop!

We then headed down towards St. John’s Institute. Xian Jin goes to great lengths for his shots.

We photograph everything.

Abang ni terrer laaa…

Xian Jin reprising the role of slave flasher.

Steph is blown away.

Modern windows in windows.

Druggies are friendly. Really. Some of them anyway.

Monkeying the vines.

Nope, they did not break.

Chair on chair action!

Goal post.

Flowery tree.

I forgot how I got to this custom white balance, but it worked. This time, Kingsley was the slave flasher!

Part Two will come, from a different day, with different people, featuring mostly the Fujifilm Digital Q1 manual-focus infrared-modded camera the next time around.

8 thoughts on “Dang One-Ghee

  1. Jack|SQ Post author

    Hey Albert..oh wow..Yut Kee! That’s the best place for authentic and tasty hainanese cuisine! Hehe. I like the pic ‘steph is blown away’..nice one!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    sweat: It’s the off-camera flash trigger cable, to pass the signal to the flash to fire.

    Laynie: Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of that; the others might post it.

  3. Dide Post author

    DANG LABERT! That GOALPOST is surely something else isn’t it?!


    Dang its HARD to say but I’m sure what it is is real outSTANDing.


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