Rock is Dead?

21st August 2014: Rock is Dead?, at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

But first, some self-promotion…

Nightshift commissioned me to make a collage of their band and for licensing to use on a poster (I charge if pictures make it to prints or posters.) Always nice to see my work up somewhere!

First act of the night: Flying Pan.

A Malaysian J-Rock band!

This shot was taken with my Sony A7S with the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 lens.

Same lens, but on my infrared-modded Sony Alpha NEX-5. I did not put the infrared pass filter on the lens, so it is both visible light and infrared mixed in.

Given that the NEX-5 is APS-C a minor telephoto portrait effect is achieved.

This time, with the infrared pass filter.

Guest vocalist from Japan! Mixed visible and infrared light.

Another mixed one.

Then came the band I hadn’t seen in a long time…

Dragon Red!

Some personnel changes – Brandon moved from guitar to drums.

Slyde and Camero still on rap and bass respectively.

Adam on full freak vocals. Oh, and infrared (with the infrared pass filter, allowing only infrared.) This, with flash, on the Sony E 16mm F2.8 pancake.

Since I only brought two lenses it should be obvious which is which…

…plus the wider view, but not a wide-angle view, is probably that of the full-frame A7S.

Infrared gives a very interesting look to the eyes, when flashed.

Awesome screamer!

…not so screamer!

Another screamer!

Then came these boys…

…hard-rocking Blister!

They go from blues rock to heavy metal.

AC/DC, Led Zeppelin…

…and a whole lotta Gibson love.

Awesome glass slide!

Meanwhile, outside, Jyorin through pure infrared.

Then came progressive rock band Black Lightbulb.

I’d call them instrumental, but singing with them that night was Hameer Zawawi.

Simmy the Celtic Waver!

I’m sure she likes this picture.

Ashwin on drums, as always.

Zaim always gets a glamorous light.

Meanwhile, Amil of Dragon Red is watching the musical geniuses in admiration, his head slightly… paining.

Hameer, then, on guitar.

Raja Farouque, on a big speaker.

Here’s Black Lightbulb with one of their songs!

The awesome 50mm F0.95.

Last act of the night…


These guys were actually from Japan…

…and they knew how to get the crowd pumping.

The automatic white balance usually gives a more purplish tinge, but I pulled the green/magenta slider all the way to the green side when processing the RAWs.

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