26th August 2014: Feedback Open Mic ft The Impatient Sisters & Chirin Chirin @ The Bee Publika / August 2014 Edition.

Well no, not really. Here are pictures, instead, from the people who attended, on my infrared-modded Sony Alpha NEX-5!

Yvonne Chong and her luscious bleached hair. Even if you dye your hair black it will show as bleached on infrared, which is quite cool.

Troller Ann Na.

Jia Wen trying to be sepet.

Jia Wen trying not to be sepet.

Yes, with flash! All shot through the Hoya R72 infrared pass filter on the Sony E 16mm F2.8 pancake lens, for pure infrared with a little bit of red.

Darren Ashley, dashing as ever.

With flash.

It was also Faz’s birthday, but I have no pictures of her through this camera.

I like what it does for pupils.

Julian the purple.

The infrared is abundant in the tungsten lightbulbs in the back, shining on the plants.

Straw Lim (right) and Ling.

Nope, not sleepy.

Credits to Wai Fon for this picture. So you have seen my lens after all! I’m getting too old to remember these details correctly.

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