Feedback Open Mic ft The Impatient Sisters & Chirin Chirin @ The Bee Publika / August 2014 Edition

26th August 2014: Feedback Open Mic ft The Impatient Sisters & Chirin Chirin @ The Bee Publika / August 2014 Edition. Here’s Jon Liddell!

The Sony A7S with its limitless ISO would let me bring my Tamron 200-400mm 5.6…

…with a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second…

…with no worries of noise or motion blur. I didn’t catch this band’s name so pardon the filler text!


Even though the A7S has no sensor stabilization, at 1/200s it was not an issue.

The vignetting is caused by my Sony LA-EA1 adapter, meant for APS-C sensors, that I adapted by removing the rear baffle.

Apparently, the vignetting only appears on longer focal lengths like this.

I brought the LA-EA1 instead of the LA-EA4 because the LA-EA4 had a translucent mirror, allowing for auto-focus with screw-driven lenses, at the expense of light.

Ariff AB.

First featured act, Chirin Chirin.

The unfortunate downside of a fast shutter speed is when shooting in flourescent lighting…

…it bands slightly.

Second featured act, The Impatient Sisters.

Most of these pictures were at 400mm F5.6…

…to see what an extreme closeup would do for composition.

The Tamron is not great with backlight.

The Bee notably doesn’t have the drummer way in the back of the stage, so they are equidistant.


Didn’t catch this guy’s name either.

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Friza, I think, from Indonesia.

I like her swag stance.

Sharon, in the back, crying away.

Ariff Danial, who has some interesting tunes.

Nope, didn’t catch his name.

Fikri Azam.

More unnamed open mikers.

I love Idzwan‘s rock guitar tone.

That sweet, sweet, classic Gibson tone.

Meanwhile, here’s a face to the name – my name – Albert, the photographer who is sometimes unrecognized. I recognize the photographer of this picture, Wai Fon, though. Not with the Tamron, but the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95.


Can you imagine Yvonne’s voice at this point? I can.

Faz hides.

Yvonne in full diva mode.

Faz the rock star, with videographers all documenting her going full… rock star.

It was one of their most entertaining shows, ever.

Mostly, because it was Faz’s birthday!

David Ling’s farewell, as well, as he’d further his studies in the prestigious Berklee College Of Music.

And so, this was Tabloid.

Selamba Adriane.

More pictures here:

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