Rock The World 7, Part 3

For the first time ever, film shots on my blog! I developed and scanned to CD at Leos Trading, first floor, Ampang Park, at RM10 per roll.

I love my Vivitar 24mm F2.0 lens on the Olympus OM-2000. It’s wide, it’s a prime, anything beyond 2 meters and you just focus on infinity at F2.0!

All these pictures were shot on either Kodak or Fujifilm ISO 400 film. Gotta love that film color tone. (This is the only shot in this whole series using the Olympus 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 lens.)

Long exposure on a tripod at night. I calculated 24 seconds on bulb mode, F2.0 (the slowest shutter speed the OM-2000 had was 1 second.)

I also set the 10-second timer; the mirror flips up at the beginning of the countdown, not after, so there’s no vibration from the mirror flip-up. Yay for film SLRs!


Anyway, on to the inaugural use of film – Rock The World 7! Ean’s looking sharp. And damn, when you view your pictures that you manually focused and see spot-on focus, you go, “I did this.” This used the Olympus 70-210mm F4.5-5.6 lens.

With the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 it was hard to get close focus. I don’t know how I managed to get the security guard to pop out with the crowd out of focus.

Jimmy of Tempered Mental! (The orange streak below is an out-of-focus sheet.)

Film. No washed out whites.

Spot the Vignes.

Jason Lo, we owe this rocking show to you, yo.

Izuan Shah of Auburn.


Hiro of Throne Away. Crazy Japanese tapping bassist!

Emir of Throne Away, rabid frenetic dancy frontman. The way they should be, twirling and jumping about.

…maybe even climbing props.

Ian Koren: Where’d Emir go?

Broken Scar! Since I was more than 2 meters from the stage, I never had change the Vivitar 24mm F2.0’s focus. It stayed at infinity.

Jeremy of Prana. Flare! (I actually like flare being artifacts on my shots.)

I shot mostly at 1/30th of a second at night; the meter said it was underexposed, but I wanted to avoid too much motion blur. I could only choose shutter speeds in full stops on the Olympus OM-2000, so 1/15th of a second was the next option! When I saw how well the negatives responded to pulling shadows, I wish I took them at 1/60th of a second instead. Although there were bright white specks of noise, they were very easily obliterated in Photoshop (hence the clean look of all these ISO 400 shots.)

Aru of Koffin Kanser. Yep, even at 210mm I shot at 1/30. Most of the shots at such distances were more not-so-razor-sharp-focus; none had camera shake! 😀

Whoa, since when did I have 4 fingers?

Infectious Maggots and badass red hair.

OAG guitarist.

Sil Khannaz.

Click for Part 1 in color and Part 2 in infrared.

As it turns out, regular ISO 400 negative film is quite a viable option for low-light photography to be scanned digitally. I don’t know what the shop does when scanning but the noise is easy to get rid of.

Oh, and before I forget, some pimpage!

Second single from C.Loco, Jong Jong Inai(Yeah) and Jong Jong Inai(Ewah) has been launched online at C.Loco’s MySpace page.

Radio release coming soon!!! To those who have not seen me perform this song before, this is your first chance to hear my second single right here before anyone else or the radio hearing masses!!

Single : Jong Jong Inai(Ewah)
Artiste : C.Loco feat Suria, Encik Tech & Suarasakthy
Producer : C.Loco
Lyrics by : C.Loco, Encik Tech & Suarasakthy
Recorded in Fame Studio by Boy Radge and Studio 21:05 by JD Wong
Published by : A-Range Publishing

Single : Jong Jong Inai(Yeah)
Artiste : C.Loco feat Suria & K Town Klan
Producer : C.Loco
Lyrics by : C.Loco & K Town Klan
Recorded in Fame Studio by Boy Radge and Studio 21:05 by JD Wong
Published by : A-Range Publishing

Oh, and then there’s yet more pimpage:

What: Project Bazooka
Who: Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes, Lucy In The Loo, IG Collective
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
When: 10pm, Thursday 21st December, 2006
How Much: Free! You can buy me a drink for my birthday.

8 thoughts on “Rock The World 7, Part 3

  1. Sun Post author

    OMG! I missed all your action! Where r u gonna shoot this Xmas eve? FYI. Bookmarks was gone while vince was doing the ‘spring cleaning" on this old deskstop. You know, it’s common that old lady like me keep everything in a box somewhere.hahaha…

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Sun: I have no idea. I’m not exactly in your scene, though I did go on impulse with photogeek friends to Alexis, Great Eastern Mall on Friday.

    Silencers: If you gotta get a film SLR, get something based on the wide lenses you can find. 😀 5 minute sky exposures whee!


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