Abandoned Grounds

Guess what’s wrong with this taxi stand. Yes, that’s Pertama Complex, where I got my Vivitar 2x teleconverter for Olympus Zuiko mount.

The first subject I managed to snap at 1/500th of a second and 420mm at F11, was Grace, using the Olympus OM-2000 with the 2x teleconverter and Olympus Zuiko 70-210mm F4.5-5.6 (effectively a 140-420mm F9-F11.) Interesting what the teleconverter does to bokeh. Even more interesting is how little chromatic aberration there is (I left her shoulder untouched.)

Oh, and the Olympus OM-2000 was loaded with standard Kodak ISO 400 film.

With the Vivitar 24mm F2.0, I could fill up my full frame with 16 floors!

This abandoned place is the Pekeliling flats near the Titiwangsa Monorail (and Titiwangsa STAR LRT.) Reeks of all sorts of smells, but the wind takes it out. Once in a while.

With the same wide lens, my hand kept making a guest appearance. Asyraf disapproves. When manual focus is tack on at F2.0, images just pop!

And now, for digital photography.

Where’s Raymond?

Asyraf, proponent of Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, shooting Kingsley. Spot the slave flasher Xian Jin!

…I don’t think I’d want to take more than 10 minutes to compose the lighting for a shot, though.

Jenifur wonders how to work my infrared-modded Fujifilm Digital Q1 with 2x teleconverter and 70-210mm F4.5-5.6 lens (which gives a 840-2520mm equivalent crop.)

Ma our apartment has been broken into!

Xian Jin, shot with the Q1 in infrared. I’m not sure who shot this because I don’t remember shooting it. I reckon it was using the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 lens (144mm equivalent crop).

At this point, you might be wondering – hey, wasn’t the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 on the Olympus OM-2000 film SLR?

Well, the Q1 has a homemade adapter to support Olympus Zuiko lenses. 😀

Grace on the Q1, in infrared.

The ghost of Rames!

Aiya, don’t flash me anymore lah.” – smashpOp

Kingsley is more than happy to bask in available light.

Rooftop jam.

Grace eyes on, looking rather… pigeonly.

There’s something about Grace.

I now end this second part with film pictures.

What happens when you underexpose, at 1/500th of a second although the meter tells you you should shoot at 1/30th of a second? You can salvage this much detail (after noise reduction!)

smashpOp tells stories. Check out everybody‘s expressions! (Colors retained because there’s something magical about the exposure.)

Hey, that looks like Asyraf’s style! Not exactly rule of thirds. Oh waitaminute, Asyraf did take this shot.

Those of you who were there will probably figure out what is next in this series. Part three, yo. Part one was intentionally devoid of people.

10 thoughts on “Abandoned Grounds

  1. grace_t Post author

    wah.. cool piccies.. i think everyone’s got their pekeliling flat pics up accept me *lazy..* hehe.. hmm the 1st pic i look damn garang wei, 2nd pic i look like a freaky ghost, 3rd pic i look like a blur pigeon and finally the alst pic i look a bit mroe alive la *hee* eh send me the 4th pic cans??

  2. Furkids in Hong Kong Post author

    Wonderfully interesting pics – thanks for the virtual tour.
    Especially like the pic of Jen on her mobile. And Grace looks mischievously cute holding her cam.
    First time post, but long time lurker. Later!

  3. CL Post author

    Kinda surprised u managed to sneak into Pekeliling flats. To my knowledge they’re being demolished 1 by 1. Didja need proper authorisation to get in there and do what you love to do? That was awesome… =)

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Asyraf: Eh, you have a lens which covers the 16mm (before crop) right? In theory you could take two (18-70mm at 24mm) portrait shots and literally uncrop by merging them as a true 24mm landscape. I’m sure Desmond has a 24mm prime (if not, a 24-70mm heh.)

    …and it’s not completely a jibe at the idea of modelling lighting, or the process of it. It takes the fun out of capturing the moment though.

    Furkids: Thanks for crossing over from the dark lurking side!

    grace_t: You also made two uncredited cameos! Upload them pictures and I’ll send you yours.

    Jack|SQ: It was my first time there. I feel that going to a place repeatedly makes it lose its magic/inspirational energy.


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