Lie Surgical Seed Die At Her Might

27th January 2007: Bear With Me (I only got to Jamasia near midnight, after Bryan‘s birthday celebration.)

Lightcraft, indie rock darlings.

Ooo hot chick photographer!

Ask Me Again.

Kick. Ass. Emo core.

The annoying lights, which kept fading in and out, led to me metering when it was dark (and thus overexposing) or metering when bright (and thus underexposing). However, I quickly discovered that the lights could create such… double exposures.

They Will Kill Us All, post rock.

I loved it when they kicked in the strobe lights! (This is definitely new for Jamasia.) I panned the members and got this interesting transition at 1/2th of a second.

1/6th of a second, for fewer strobe images and more discreteness.

What about zooming?

Yeah, to some extent.

Scream your post-rock spirits out!

Faux cross-processing on the members of Triple 6 Poser.

7 thoughts on “Lie Surgical Seed Die At Her Might

  1. CiPoi Post author

    Shit…ur They Will Kill Us All punye images..mengancam abis la..
    The photoshoot Prana that u like it looks even better when t is printed out…Seriously nice…Make it a point to shoot in RAW for any band photoshoot!!hahaha

  2. Matthew Post author

    « Me demander qu’encore » décrire l’école vraiment vieille de regards ! Excellent ! Un autre rouleau de projectiles frais. Sur une autre matière, vous écoutez Katie Melua, même si vous êtes plus incliné pour écouter la musique de roche, curieux juste.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    CiPoi: Thanks!

    Kenneth: Thanks! I reckon you could do so with an external flash too… or during select moments in a club.

    Matthew: I’m not into Katie Melua.


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