Last Minute Update

A quick update for tonight:

What: Hearts N Lightbulbs Valentine Event
Who: Jerral Khor & Zalila Lee, Nick Davis, Diplomats Of Drums, Saer Ze, Wong Yu-Ri, Soft Touch, Estrella, Reza Salleh
When: 8pm, Sunday, 11th February 2007
Where: (venue changed) Laundry Bar, The Curve
How Much: Free admission (but this is a charity show, so please donate!)

The event is organized by Feathered Friends Network. Proceeds will go to St. Jerome Home, a home to 18 children aged 2-16 years, taken care by Brother Peter. They urgently need a washing machine and funds for the children’s school fees.

3 thoughts on “Last Minute Update

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    sewjin: Hola!

    pinkpau: I wish you were there. My organizer friends said there was a bouquet in my name and I had to buy it. Would be nice to du… I mean, give it to you, my lovely appetite-suppressing lass.


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