The non-consequential update.

I’m sleepy, tired, cold and waiting.

I’ve broke off my addiction to Spider Solitaire, I think. While waiting for the connection, I’m resorting to ZSNES, an emulator that lets you play Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom as it is known around here) games on your PC. I’ve gone through all 95 levels of Super Mario World. 🙂

Where’s everybody? I mean, the blogging people. Nobody bothers to reply to my comments anymore. It seems like the moment I slag off and bask in offlineness that everybody stops visiting me. I’m still alive (though ICQ, and then ICQ Lite, seems to hang a lot lately.)

I’m scared. Feeling threatened. Something’s coming over the horizon, the orange skies, about to engulf my place. Everybody else will like it. Heck I like it too, but it’s disturbing because it’s taking over what I had. Even then, what I had was because they had no other choice. Now something better comes along. Can I roof them and cloud them from the great orange, or do I provide something better?

Next week, I’m going to do my research on it. What does it have that I don’t? Lots. What can I do? Lots as well. Not so soon, though. My exams are next week and I’m even less prepared than before.

In the meantime, I’ve watched James Bond’s latest adventure, Die Another Day. Wow. Seems the writers have given him a chance to whoop xXx‘s derriere, with snowcapades, fast cars and women. There were a lot of elements you wouldn’t have expected to see if not for xXx. Heh. Vengeance! Sure it doesn’t beat the Americans at being ‘X’-treme but Bond’s gotta be Bond still.

I’ve also gotten myself an A4Tech wireless (radio frequency) optical mouse. I’ve been splurging on computer hardware lately. Sadly, it lags in the sense that sometimes it doesn’t accelerate as it should. My only consolation is that it comes with a USB charger, and the mouse can be charged with a Nokia charger as well! That would also mean that my Nokia can be charged using the USB charger! Ah the convenience. 🙂 Now I don’t need my wall-socketed AC/DC adaptor. Now I can predict calls while charging, with the aid of two monitors to fuzz out when calls come in!

That reminds me. I gotta install Windows 98 on my old PC. That would be a problem considering it doesn’t have a floppy nor CD-ROM drive. I’ve been procrastinating shifting both drives from my PC to that one just to install. Heck I’ve been procrastinating burning CDs. Lazybum I am.

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  1. Joanne Post author

    well, seldom online recently but still read ur blog. as usual i never reply because i always sound stupid when i reply. ur poems is too hard for me to decipher

  2. Yi Jian Post author

    Aaah… i still remember STAR Raods and the way to defeat King Koopa via shortcut thru second continent and the free item area behind the first ghost house…. nostalgia.


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