You can have my private number…

New Quotes!

“If you gave me a dime for my worries, would I give change?”
“Reverse psychology may backfire.”
“Hate is too easy to propagate.”

New pictures!

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6 thoughts on “You can have my private number…

  1. PY Post author

    Albert? We all get weird calls and smsses. even i get them. it’s totally random! it’s usually GUYS, btw. AND..hmpph….u terperasan lebih la, go accuse this and that for calling u..ignore them la..and heck, yeah u enjoyed being stalked, dont ya? 😉

  2. yunnermeier Post author

    Looks like Albnok’s got loads of admirers 😛
    you know what? I think he actually enjoys getting stalked:P

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    I wouldn’t know; this is a new experience. Whether I want to cover and fear or welcome the stalker I don’t know. 😛

    P.S. I have your number, I could stalk you too. 😉

  4. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    gawd…what PY said must be some killjoy to ya…guys…geez…lOlz…*sigh*…BTW, i have insomia.


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