Seasoned Greetings

You know you’re getting old when a hot chick smiles at you at your grandma’s open house… and she gives you an angpau. 🙁

Fun things to do? Toss glitter over the front entrance and tell them it’s for good luck. They can’t sweep it away!

Oh, and has anybody flipped through ASTRO channels lately? The new ones are mostly Chinese! It’s like MEASAT-3 launched and hovered right over Taiwan.

Happy Chinese New Year!

(I scouted the neighborhood while fireworks were blasting, but didn’t manage to catch any. So here’s some from the beercan.)

Outside Ampang Park.

Gotta love the creamy bokeh.

14 thoughts on “Seasoned Greetings

  1. Kevin Broken Scar Post author

    Hey buddy, happy chinese new year man. Don’t complain, at least you got an ang pow, doesn’t matter if it’s from a hot chick or if you feel that you’re getting old. The bottom line is you got ang pows! This is the first year I got a grand total of ZERO ang pows. Haha.

    Awesome pics as usual man. Nice work dude. How are things on your end anyway? Keep me posted man.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! (Yeah, I try not to re-reply since I’ve already technically wished some of you even on SMS heh.)

    pinkpau: Bokeh is the out-of-focus blurry area in pictures. Different cameras and lenses produce different looks which different people like.

    sr215: Nope; I zoomed in to the 210mm end of my 70-210mm beercan lens to get that. 🙂

    Kevin: Haha, it’s a VERYYY inside joke. I’m sure you can find some Chinese people there!


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