Two Gig Or Not Two Gigs

Indie-licious, 10th February 2007, KL Jam Asia.

Edward Gomez says he got the blues.

PG165, modern rock.

Tap that bass!

Hooray Mr. Soundman for putting more of my favorite strobe lights on.

Crosstown Traffic, with THE N. Rama Lohan on guitar and THE Wong Lip Kee on guitar. Rueben also came up for guitar with Wong the usual shredder playing drums. They also played a bit of Queen, but what blew me away was when they covered Cream – White Room. Those who knew the song went wild. Eddy, I wish you were here.

Project Ei8ht

More trippy reverse-wide-angle-converter goodness.

Gotta love the acrylic B.C. Rich.

I.G. Collective, funk, soul and infamous Rock The World emcee Harooon. Wait, where is he? Oh well, I have no complaints about the energetic, hot frontwoman.

At the right angle, the reverse-wide-angle-converter can introduce a lot of funky flare.


Telephony Delivery, awesome post-rock.

SkyJuiceCoffee, energetic punk rock.

Happy Chinese New Year! Or so Desa Sri Hartamas’ lights tell you.

And now, for Hearts N Lightbulbs (which moved last-minute from Hartamas Square to Laundry Bar). This is Tarquin.

Erin and Prakash, emcees for the night. I missed Saer Ze‘s performance.

Zalila Lee and Jerral Khor. Intentionally tweaked the white balance to get the color isolation.

T.U.L.B.B. wants to be a fish.

To counter the dark inverse-circle made I moved the reversed wide-angle converter away.

Reza Salleh and his band of merry musicians. He was also selling his demo CD, Smokecity. Great stuff. I didn’t realize how multi-segmented the title track was, with all the dynamics (which I bet Melina loved playing), but being held together by Reza’s voice which maintains a steady composure. There were other songs which were just recorded as acoustic demos, which I’d have loved to hear recorded with Hanafi’s solos (because I actually remember them by now.)

These are the kids from St. Jerome Home that the charity gig would help. (Click here to help/donate.)

Nick Davis, singer-songwriter.

F4! My Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens, Asyraf‘s Nikkor 300mm F4D, and T.U.L.B.B.’s water bottle. I think.

Estrella played the Frente cover of Bizarre Love Triangle (originally a new wave dance hit by New Order, then covered as a gentle acoustic song by Frente.)

Smile! Say chairs!

Izuan’s in the hood.

Wong Yu-Ri on twelve-string! He played Free Falling, which he wrote for his band, Frequency Cannon.

Pardon the overexposed flash on Peter Hassan Brown of Soft Touch. It’s alright! He’s white! He’s a white guy! Get it?

Diplomats Of Drums, huge bhangra outfit.

Though with an interesting specimen.

Beat it!

The crowd bobbed to the contagious beat. He was actually chanting in English!

13 thoughts on “Two Gig Or Not Two Gigs

  1. wkcheang Post author

    That 300mm f/4 is huge compared to The Beercan.

    Funky fisheye.

    Every photoentry in your blog is a learning experiance for me. Keep it up.

    Enjoy the festive season btw.

  2. tech the super supreme being Post author

    Diplomats Of Drums, huge bangla outfit. = u sure it’s bangla dude?

    i thought it’s bhangra??


    BTW, happy CNY to you..

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    wkcheang: Thanks! I hope to up the ante in later posts. 😀

    sr215: The beercan can be had for under RM1000. I can’t say the same for the 300mm F4 though. 😛

  4. the interesting specimen Post author

    i’m an interesting specimen huh… hahaha…
    gosh i had no idea i looked so odd on stage!
    bluek 😉


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