That’s Just Prime!

I’ve never been a fan of collecting Optimus Prime, but this Transformers Classics version was too awesome.

Awesome full articulation! I’d say, the best, most-well balanced designs I’d ever seen (not counting the giant Masterpiece Optimus Prime that is.)

I then realized that I had a few Primes, really. (From left: Transformers Classics Optimus Prime, Transformers Energon Powerlink Optimus Prime, Transformers Alternators Optimus Prime, Transformers Energon Powerlink Rodimus, Transformers Cybertron Excellion. Transformers Beast Wars Optimus Primal is in front.)

…I also have a collection of trucks (addition being Transformers Energon Powerlink Barricade.)

Primes, transformed!

Transformers Classics

9 thoughts on “That’s Just Prime!

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    eyeris: Must resist! Almost got Ultra Magnus Versus Skywarp instead. I had a gut feeling about Prime looking and feeling much sweeter in red, though.

    bodicea: May be less than that; Beast Machines was the last to hit Malaysian airwaves. Sadly, nobody shows the current Transformers Galaxy Force/Cybertron series.

  2. eyeris Post author

    I just got Ramjet. Damn cool Conehead.

    Oh, and you simply MUST HAVE Classics Jetfire. It’s the most AWESOME Transformer toy I’ve had for AGES…

  3. punkstereo Post author

    super nice collection u have there. people will go crazy for the transformers once the movie started .. 4th of july it is..

  4. YK Post author

    agree. Classic Jetfire is awesome! I was a lil disappointed with Grimlock tho.

    I have my Ravage in car mode for display. Very nice.


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