Emo Hair, Shoe Stare

Hey Albert, so what kind of music do you listen to?

Geez, I thought the hair was obvious. I am a rocker! Heavy metal flows through my veins.

However, Google seems to think otherwise; Google Image Search says I have an emo hairstyle.

Thanks suelingz for finding me, smashpOp for alerting me, and Jed for taking the picture.

Unfortunately, I have perfect 20/20 vision and have no reason to wear glasses. Who knows, I might look hot in emo glasses.

For the record, this is an example of what an emo hairstyle looks like. George of Dreaming To Sleep on vocals sounds exactly like an American emo vocalist. Syefri plays bass in the background. (Taken from an old blog entry. Hello Natalie the hot dancer!)

In the meantime, I have come up with a breakthrough discovery in the hidden language of women.

Many a time I have been out with a chick, and I bump into another chick (or congregation of chicks).

Chick to chick: “Hey, nice shoes! Where did you get them from?

This almost always happens!

I’m not sure if that is a snide hint to me to replace my starving artist shoes. However, I have surveyed around, and this phenomena does not happen to every guy I know. However, the one coincidence I can concur from this is that it seems to happen to relatively uh… good-looking guys. (Unless there’s another variable I have not noticed.)

Therefore, I suppose that “Hey, nice shoes! Where did you get them from?” really means:

Hands off, he’s mine!

(I have discounted the possibility of the chicks all being fashionistas, because some of them are laid back T-shirt and jeans wearers.)

9 thoughts on “Emo Hair, Shoe Stare

  1. Edrei Post author

    It could be that…or it could mean you really need to get new shoes.

    It might be so old it’s actually in style. Don’t look at me though, I work with the post-military geek look, you know that.

  2. Asyraf Lee Post author

    Someone came up to me and asked "wow, you’re into the emo look too aye?"


    I have this glasses frame coz I have no budget to change it just yet.

    And my current hair because I don’t bother cutting it

    Pelik betul


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