Estranged And A Party

Estranged – In Hating Memory Album (re)Launch, at Laundry Bar, 28th February 2007.

Yes, once upon a time, it was called Estranged – In Hating Memory the EP. Back when it was launched in The New Paul’s Place. Now it includes a new hit single, Itu Kamu, and remastered sound!

Once upon a time, it was also one of the bands I saw at my first ever No Black Tie gig. I even went up to the then bassist and started lushing praises.

Bel C the emcee! Where’s my free tee?

Guest bands included Triple6Poser, with Khai on guitar.

Eddy on blues harp and vocals. How’d I do that effect? Whenever I flash I shoot in Shutter Priority, and adjust the shutter speed to let in enough light. The camera will balance the flash accordingly, and it helps to hide the effect of harsh direct flash. This was 1/10th of a second, F5.6, ISO400.

Breakin’ string blues.

King of the low end.

Stonebay, grunge outfit.

They Will Kill Us All, kickass indie rock with vocalist dancing about. Excellent showmanship!

Slap that mike.

This is one of the rare times I use Photoshop’s Hue/Saturation/Lightness to boost magenta saturation.

And then there was Estranged!

1/13s on Hanafi.

Andy weeps that he never gets the limelight. Well at least he appeared on giant billboards before.

It’s the Abang Rom of ROTTW Magazine!

Richael croons.

I thought Itu Kamu was a suspiciously Indonesian-rock-sounding song. I say Jual Keluar!

We still rock, you know.

CK slaps.

One of those rare zoom and flash slow-synced pictures that work. 1/13s for subtlety.

Bel: Okay guys show’s over now go check out my travel show on 8TV 9:30pm Wednesday nights!

Kami bukan black metal. AFUNDI RICH!

My first ever picture on the Sony A100 with internal flash causing red eyes! A rarity indeed.

Fast forward to 17th March 2007, Khai-Lee’s housewarming/secret singer-songwriter/open-mike gig/party.

This picture cracks me up every time! Doesn’t she look like a certain Towke Cina of a live music venue?

It was a fun night. We all played rock covers, sang along, especially to the solos! Dave Grohl and Jack Black would’ve been proud.

Sing yourself to sleep. I finally got to see Yu-Ri‘s amazing human jukebox capabilities. He can figure out the chords to about any pop song!

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