MMM Donuts

Guess what lens this was shot with. (1/50s)

Homer J. Simpson would love this. (1/15s)

There is something mysteriously alluring about the Sony 500mm F8 auto-focus catasdioptric mirror lens. (Yes, it’s the only mirror SLR lens that can auto-focus.) It’s very, very light, with a rubber grip to focus, and looks deceivingly shaped like a wide-angle lens. However, when you look down the front you are greeted with a hollow chamber of reflecting light. (1/8s)

Note the out-of-focus double-lines, especially around “FFEE”. (1/20s)

It is also constantly at F8. No, you can’t stop down. You can, however, unlock a little tray at its back and pull out a transparent filter, to replace it with a 2-stop Neutral Density filter (which does not give you more depth of field… just 4x slower shutter speeds.)

With Super SteadyShot on, I’d theoretically be able to get 1/50th of a second sharp. The second shot at 1/15s was probably a fluke in crispness, while the out-of-focus-ness of the third picture at 1/8s hides possible handshake.

Are the donuts really, really, honestly ugly? I don’t know. I found it more pleasant than expected. It would make for great effects, if properly used. I can imagine lights lining a road leading to the horizon… and you’d see donuts growing larger and larger. (1/80s)

Maybe, the thirst haunts me because I did not buy that 500mm F8 for M39 mount (for RM50!) back in Buy Sell Trade, Old Town, and returned to find it gone.

Also, I have been eating donuts more often, after not eating donuts for 5 years since college. What’s happening to me?

Anyway, while on the subject of photo geek:

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Read through the replies, and you’d find little golden nuggets, like how a camera’s auto-focus works, and how to tape over the contacts on your lens.

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Old-timer stories of third-party lens makers including Tokina, formed by former Nikon engineers!

Oh, in case you’re wondering; I didn’t buy the 500mm F8. I just asked to try it. I love the Sony KLCC staff! (And yes, you don’t even have to waltz in with a Sony A100 to get to try it.)

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