Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Wide-angle goodness with the Pro Tama 0.45x wide angle converter on my Sony A100 with 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 lens.

I walked around downtown KL with the wide-angle converter.

I like how the arch roof coincides with the vignetting caused by the converter having an exit of only 67mm.

Guess that trashcan! Not.

Somewhere near Choon How‘s place.

A satellite dish uncurves itself.

Bukit Jalil LRT.

Masjid Jamek.

The view from the Maharajalela monorail station.

…down there.

The reduced size of these landscape-oriented pictures represents how significantly I think of them. Or maybe I just felt a pang of guilt for everyone’s bandwidth.

From the Pasar Seni LRT station.

From inside an LRT, a few meters away from previous picture.

One of the Star LRT stations. (From this picture onwards I was using the Olympus OM-2000 with Vivitar 24mm F2.0 lens.)

Sungei Wang!

Artsy Nine Inch Nails-style album cover.

Shophouses near where I live. The exposures are all screwed because the lens aperture lever was misaligned, causing the meter to suggest overexposure.

Optimus Prime, on my Canon Powershot A520 (35mm equivalent) using only the fisheye element of the wide angle converter.

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