Fireflies See The Light


Xian Jin (the photographer formerly known as The Pink Frog) does something crazy – he uses his Nikon SB-800 wirelessly during a gig, to produce dramatic light, with the intent of killing off gig lighting, leaving only the performer appearing to perform in the dark to a torchlight.

Alaling, featuring Chaiiineeese people! (Right-side picture has me using the SU-4 optical slave mode of the SB-800… which is smart enough to ignore preflashes. Awesome!)

I first met Ching-Ching of Alaling outside Rock The World 7. Chak, rockstar vocalist of Superbar, was going around, on the lookout for Chinese people (since RTW7’s crowd was mostly Malay.) He spotted Kingsley and I and exclaimed, “Hey look! It’s… Chinese people!

We then went around, pointing at Chinese people whenever we spotted one. Our numbers grew!

(He also found Yi Jian, who I was supposed to meet.)

Ching-Ching gets Adlin the band slut to advertise the band’s URL.

Check out Ching-Ching‘s site, and her blog. (With a URL like intergalacticgalacticgalactic you can’t help but go white-rapper-boy hyper, yo.) It’s hilarious and cute and funny and brings a smile to my face.

Wai Fon was gushing over Alaling’s songs earlier; little did I know I’d met them before.

Long Story Short, with my Sony A100 with my DIY sync-flash connector to Nikon SB-28, then triggering the SB-800 in SU-4 optical slave mode. I think.

No flash.

Well, to cut a long story short…

…we think we look good in gig lighting anyway.

Me and Xian Jin’s Nikon D80 with vertical grip and the famous Nikkor 50mm F1.8D. Silver 52-58mm step up ring adds a touch of class to the front. Since the SB-800 was placed on a speaker, turning the camera sideways or upside-down would hide its commander flash from getting to the SB-800.

Lipel. Or Lipet. Or whatever.

Asyraf Lee and rabid fan.

Paolo Delfino!

Paolo and 2 strobes from the Nikon SB-28.

Paolo and a few more strobes. Not so pretty. But he sings songs about 16-year old girls. Isn’t that pretty?

Silent Scenery. Kit kicks ass; he plays post-rock intros and sings wistfully.

Joined by Paolo and Lipet/Lipel/Lipei.

The old flash setup, Generation 2.

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