Mooning And Flashing

I borrowed smashpOp‘s Sony HVL-F56AM strobe flash unit for a test run in Laundry Bar, for Moonshine!

Reta! Flash bounced.

Jerome Kugan, bouncing about like a happy monkey to the programmed sounds from his laptop. It was then I realized that he sounded like Depeche Mode meets Morrisey (vocally).

Auburn! (Wireless flash, just activate Wireless flash mode on camera and flash, detach flash (by pressing button, no tedious unscrewing needed), raise flash head on camera to command flash, and fire away!)

I can attest that every wireless flash shot I took was spot on in exposure. No manual settings or compensation required. Also, dialling exposure compensation on the camera would also be transmitted to the flash, so it would power up or down accordingly.

Strobe mode, 3 strobes, 3 Hertz, 1 second exposure.

Oh and Auburn rocks. They play progressive rock with frail vocals courtesy of Izuan Shah.

Wireless from behind. I couldn’t figure out just yet how to eclipse him.

Lightcraft, indie rock darlings. How many times have I used these three words?

Muck around with white balance to intentionally cause the flash to appear blue. Wireless again.

Tempered Mental! One of the most solid, hardworking progressive/alternative rock bands. (Yes, no flash.)

Jack the shredder.

My favorite bounce flash camwhore picture featuring an interesting specimen. A pink-colored receipt was tied with rubberband to bring some light forward. Ignore the fact that we look like weird cartoons here.

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