Plojekusu Baasuku!

J-rock night! Project Bazooka catered to the otakus on the 15th of March 2007.

Haze. Hot. Looked majorly tall but was shorter than me when she walked past.

The rest of the band were called Miniature Garden. How… un-apt.

Strawberry Jam.

I’m usually not a fan of Japanese culture, but I appreciate how J-rock is very technical and progressive, and hooray to them for setting up some thrash metal rhythms.

50mm F2.2 1/13s ISO400 with flash. The key is to set the exposure so enough colored motion blends in with the flash.

Played around with Hue/Saturation/Lightness for this.

Mage, the famous band from UCSI. Most solid with loadsa crunchy solos (but then again, UCSI does offer music courses…)

Moon (yes, names of members stolen from kittenly muka-chop-camwhorer ChingChing.)

Ichiro wins the award for best goth look.

Fisheye on my Canon Powershot A520 was about right; just turn on macro mode and all is good. On the Sony A100 the fisheye part of the Pro Tama 0.45x wide angle adapter is badly close-focused; I’d usually have to shoot at F22 to get any sharpness.

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