A Foursome Update

1) Public Transport

Due to my haphazard sleep-deprived state, public transport took me for a ride on the 25th of January 2003.

The bus: I woke up late and missed the company bus from the Asia Jaya bus stop.
The PUTRA LRT: Fine, there was a PUTRA LRT station 5 minutes away. I took it to Ampang Park station to have my breakfast but overslept and overshot. Nevermind, I had an unlimited pass. After eating my breakfast I bought a newspaper to break change for the taxi later. I took the PUTRA LRT to get off at Masjid Jamek to get on the STAR LRT.
The STAR LRT: The digital signboard above said that the next train was to Ampang (I was supposed to take the one after it to Sri Petaling). I opened my newspaper and read it, while adjusting my FM radio. A train came and I hopped in. Note that I didn’t say “the train” but “a train”! I was 3 stations on the wrong route before I noticed! Well then, turn back and I was on the right train.
The taxi: I’d have to take a taxi from the Bukit Jalil station to the office. (I needed change, that’s why I bought the paper!) Fortunately the 10:30am company shuttle van came by and was free. Yay!

Next up I was supposed to go to this seminar in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, so a colleague and I took a taxi from the office straight to HELP Institute, eyeful central… I miss urban female faces very much. It reminded me very much of secondary school. Plus when I ate lunch with Paul with his friends at McDonalds they spoke English! In my college they’d speak Cantonese and would be unable to afford McD’s. 🙁

The Intrakota 21A: It was either this or the Intrakota 21C. I waited 20 minutes and hopped on. Woe be that some gear connection broke and the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere! (Well actually it was a major junction but not near any place.) We got off and waited. The 21C came soon enough, and the crowd swarmed in. Only half of the crowd could before the bus sped off, leaving yours truly baking waiting for the next 21A. Upon which reaching the area I walked to the place, and my reliable legs did not disappoint me at all. 🙂

2) Passed barely… again.

I passed my subjects again, getting a B for PL/SQL and C for everything else. (Read: Computer Architecture and Data Modelling.) I’m just happy I didn’t fail. Not that I wouldn’t be able to handle it; when accessing the results site it couldn’t load for many times. I was expecting to fail anyway.

3) Linkage! Another personal webpage!

Hi Uneeq! This was in case you found my trace through your web tracking system! 😛 I’ve rearranged and added a link in my About Me! page. Usually I go through my links every time I get online and Shift-click (open in new window) each link.

4) “My nose points upwards.”

It’s one thing to be picky about who your friends are, and another to pick friends based on a certain level of intellect. I didn’t mix with gangsters even though I very easily could have. However, I don’t find it a major bummer to talk to someone whose English is simple (though I bet they struggle to figure out what I’m saying!) Notice how you laugh differently with different people? Well, humans are adaptive enough to break free of their comfortable cliques.

Goodnight people, or else tomorrow I’ll be headbanging as I sleep in the van.

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