I was frustated and very bothered when I did this. All live, no racking-through-words-to-rhyme. I was lazy to bother with syllables as well.

Had you no choice? Had you no voice?
A fence separates where tension escalates
Your balance tires on the barb wires
Quickly! Pick a side! You don’t know why inside
You can’t share the opinion of the opposition
Go on, revolt! You have no salt
So begins the assault with the movement of fault
You support your friends, there’s no ‘depends’
From strong bonds you sap and rise in step
It soon becomes mockery of true anarchy
Free thought has no charge because we get it in small regular and large

3 thoughts on “Sides

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Or, even, the chewing gum! Interesting analogy, if only it was as simple as bubble gum where white and black mix to become grey and then get thrown away.


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