Happy Chinese New Year

I wonder if putting a cheap CSS-based banner like above will bring me good luck.

This year was odd as ever. The loot was disappointing at only 2 digits. Not only that, the relatives didn’t come scattering slippers all over. 🙁

On the plus side, I went to church (okay, so that’s not the plus side yet) and after the mass, I bumped into my pious all-knowing cousin. I asked him if he knew any Lionel Wong, and he pointed to him! He was surrounded by three attractive females. (In search for politically correct word.) I went up to him and the females… left. 🙁

I shook his hand extra long (or was it the other way round?) and exchanged pleasantries. He was apparently a (I’m entering politically incorrect mode) chick magnet. A girl tapped him on the shoulder and wished him the season’s greetings. Of course, I had to be noticed as well, as she wished me too! 😮 She even asked him where I was from, to which he replied “KL-ite”. Heh.

Would it be a cardinal sin to go to church to wash my eyes and test my own magnetism?

On the second day I went visiting again, this time to a house in a lush neighborhood situated in a golf course. “Whoa” I went as I eyed the houses. Surprise it would be that I would see who lived inside! Those extremely-studious-looking people who visited last year! Inside were trophies which indicated some form of academic-system-conquering. Studious indeed! It was a lesson to me somewhat. Never underestimate studious-looking people… they may have overflowing pockets! Now looking studious isn’t a bad thing as I looked studious-looking myself. Except, of course, I’m not rich. I don’t even have my own domain yet!

Speaking of websites, The Assasin is the latest link in my About Me! page.

7 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year

  1. lionel Post author

    i’m SO not the social god that you’re making me look like… i forget my manners, and so i had impolitely let them go when you came.. *uneasy grin*

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    He’s on TV, so that can’t be a bad thing. Plus he’s funny. I can see where your inspiration that other day came from…

  3. Patrick Post author

    trying to test your magnetism? How’s like a single guys night out one day at some hot spots to see what happens. I’m still on holiday till the last week of Feb and I am bored stiff.

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