Zubira Feature Night, KL Jamasia, 25th March 2007 was indeed classic rock heaven.

Cats In Love started the set with bouncy rock.

The very funny N. Rama Lohan of The Star’s Audiofile! (Yes, his dedicated guitar and amplifier reviews include *cough* field usage.)

The soft glow around him is spherical aberration from shooting wide open at F1.4.

I like what’s behind the bar.

Triple6Poser with Justin Guber and a very very cool T-shirt. NIIICE!

Eddy brings on the hard rocking blues.

Foot-stomping, too.

Henry shreds.

Henry slides. (This is most certainly an invitation to shout “FREEEBIRRRD!”)

Then, it was time for Zubira. A little spoiler, heh.

Shake it!

Zubira borrowed quite a few musicians from the scene.

Admittedly, them jamming every weekend wasn’t quite enough, as often, in between songs, they seemed quite lost.

Zubira had delicate phrasing and licks. He sung with his guitar.

…so did his guitarist, who had a scalloped fretboard Fender Stratocaster ala Yngwie Malmsteen.

When they did the cover of Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-V), everybody sang along. The crowd looked like this each time we came to “Shiiine onnn you craaazy diiiamond!

They didn’t have the saxophone bits, though. Still, the band pulled this off well, with the moody synth, and Zubira’s spot on guitar phrasing. It would be sacrilegious to tweak the song with the longest G minor chord in history.

I would upload a video, but well… I sang along too, and spoiled the video. 🙁

Zubira has a raspy voice which fitted every song he covered; be it Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. His voice seemed to be the averaged right-in-the-middle point of all these voices.

Encore! Wafi the soundman gets on stage…

And Justin Guber and Zubira play Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll, complete with Eddy on vocals and blues harp, in an extended jam session.

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