Panku Rokku!

Auburn’s having a feature night at Jamasia!

Where: KL Jamasia, Desa Sri Hartamas
When: Sunday, 29th April 2007
How Much: RM12 (RM10 if you present the gig flyer) and you get a copy of the record, Karya
Who: Auburn, Plush, and some magic. Apparently the stage will look really cool.

And now, for some punk attitude.

The real punk rockers had their share of fun with NOFX.

The pop punk rockers everybody had their share of fun with Good Charlotte.

I was not there. Good Charlotte. I was offered a free ticket, too. It was so easy to get one!

The friend who gave you a ticket probably stepped into his/her media-industry-related-office, spotted tickets strewn all over the carpet, and decided to give you one.

It was so easy to get one, nobody wanted Joyce Wong’s extra tickets!

This is where I go all elitist and say “Hey I’ve heard of them since Festival Song and their homage to the Sex Pistols with their Nooo Futureee line! I liked that song!

Yeah, I did like that song, and Iris Chia was the only other soul who had heard of them and lent me their first CD. I didn’t like how bland they ended up sounding… until they stuck on a NIN sticker in their latest video and turned indie rock complete with keyboards and all. Then again, it’s really only that song that gets close to The Killers, in a good way.

(And yes, they did play Festival Song and I know this through a bootleg video that shows unfamiliarity through restrained singalong. Kids.)

But Albert, there were local acts! One Buck Short! Estranged! Jason Lo!

…I see Izal the One Buck Short bassist walk by my office regularly, Azwin Andy the Estranged drummer and I exchange “you again!” expressions, and Jason Lo’s always in the elevator with a smirk. I see them all because my office has glass windows and it faces the elevator.

…I’ve also seen them perform a zillion times.

I might’ve gone for Good Charlotte if I was 10 years younger, instead of going for the Drummers’ Artistic Series where 3 drumsets were on stage at KL Jamasia. Maybe.

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