Shot On Purpose

Do your pictures have a purpose?

I’ll answer that on my behalf.

I believe mine do, to some extent. The technical stuff is to educate people on alternative ways and effects. The gig pictures are so bands can steal them for their Myspace accounts and say “Thanks Albert!” (Of course, a video would be much better but I’ll leave that to a videographer.)

So what is the point of taking a picture of a flower?

What about them clouds?

What about them insects?

Wouldn’t it be better, say, to take a picture of an elderly man sitting outside a retirement home? The purpose and message would be: Don’t leave your parents at a home!

Wouldn’t it be better to take a picture of steaming hot tomyam soup prepared by this unknown restaurant in a hidden corner somewhere?

(Okay, if your pictures seek to entertain, or evoke feelings in people, then hooray they have a purpose!)

We can all take pictures of the Eye On Malaysia. What I want to do, is take a picture from the inside, with both a wide and a tele lens. “See this is what I can see if I ride it!

I could make out with a chick up there and caption it, “See this is what I can do here!

Right now, all those shots of the Eye On Malaysia just convey one message:

Come and take a picture of the Eye On Malaysia.

Some photographers are so annoyingly cocky, I wanna whip out a condom and pull it over their heads. You can brag how a lens does not make the photo, but at the same time you stick to your brand. You can imply that some other dude does not deserve that lens, but I think he takes better pictures than you. Pictures with more soul.

I don’t claim my pictures have soul, but let’s all get over the needless negative feedback loop of being an annoying fanboy because somebody else was an annoying fanboy to you. Or making someone else your slave flasher because you were made to hold flashes.

Actually, this rant doesn’t just apply to taking pictures. What about what you do in life?

Do you have a purpose?

Do you have an impact on people in your life?

I believe I am here to help. To enlighten. The world is full of people who don’t know (calling them ignorant people is just a judgemental way of labelling them that sounds like they are beyond hope). I want to help them. I want to teach people how to fish.

…okay, not exactly, as I don’t know how to fish myself.

Raymond once asked, “Do you play videogames?

Whatever games I played, I always played their single-player missions to finish, and not so much of those practice games. I never liked wasting time on the same level.

If I want to do something, I want to progress in it.

I could be an ace at Daytona, and drag people to that particular machine where my record is #1. “See see haaa ALB! That’s ME!

Now, I feel that my time on the computer is best used to Photoshop and blog. Yes, I enjoy it muchly. There, my efforts have a bigger effect.

Pay your taxes! The deadline for employed people is on the 30th of April 2007! (Shot with my Nokia N70.)

I had to put something of purpose in this blog post. So there. Some people don’t actually know what these buildings on Jalan Duta are. This is where you pay your taxes, yo.

They’re doing overtime till 10pm till 30th April! (See how hardworking they are to get your money heh.)

Okay, maybe I could be more helpful and draw a map, and make an online tax calculator or something. Or hack into their system and generate e-Filing PIN numbers for all of you procrastinators so you don’t have to head down there.

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