This Is A Tribute

Incubus Tribute at Jamasia, 20th April 2007. It was a must-go, with Incubus being one of my most favorite bands. Yes, I knew most of the riffs, progressions, DJ sound effects and solos in my head when I went for the Incubus concert in Malaysia (and wrote an article about it).

Sadly, I cannot say the same of their latest album, Light Grenades, because Make A Move alienated me. Or maybe I just need a fairly long exposure to let it sink in.

Reza Salleh started the show with the vocal intro to The Warmth. 1/2th of a second exposure with flash. A certain shade, perhaps?

Are You In? had the crowd chanting “Are-are, you in?” like DJ Kilmore scratching.

Steph (who had asked for pictures of her. Okaaayyy.) 1/10s for the geeks.

Hanafi as always, effects maestro. 1/6s with flash while zooming.

Melina! This time at a third of a second.

1/4s with flash, zooming and a bit of panning.

They also played Wish You Were Here and Drive.

Evol was next. Sax-y!

Keyboards were used for effect on Talk Shows On Mute. They also did Stellar.

The sax bit however was the best instrument of the show; they played the lounge version of A Certain Shade Of Green, and that slowly progressed with heavier percussion, and a sax solo while the guitars started belting out the original heavy riffing, then jumping into Summer Romance!

It had to be done. Somebody had to bring the saxophone for this. All the crowd had to do was chorus, “antiii-graaaviiityyy“. 😀

Vocalist and hardworking percussionist. I wish my phone battery wasn’t dying, so I could’ve recorded their songs, too, as their songs were very Incubus-like.

Estranged played Anna Molly. (The next night, they would be opening for Good Charlotte.) 1/5s with flash and zooming.

Note the mini Richael!

I’ve never gotten such a pretty dreadlock shot.

They also played Privilege, Nice To Know You, and My Favorite Things. Incubus covers were staple songs of Estranged a few years back.

Of course, they also played Itu Kamu, their Indon-rock hit.

Neomedicus ended the show. Izzat tuning up!

Yes, boys and girls, tune up…

Melina looking bored doing little keyboard fills during Megalomaniac.

1/10s with flash, zoom and something new; rotate the camera instead of the zoom lens! You then get zoom and rotation at the same time.

Melina on percussion for Vitamin!

Awww how sweet his girlfriend fixes his strap.

Kiss To Send Us Off! Kiss To Send Us Off! 1/5s.

This guy looks like Mike Einziger with his afro. Yeah, he even did the solo for Sick Sad Little World!

Their own songs were pretty Incubus-y, too.

And I… I wish you were here.

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