Through The Beercan

Before going for the 10th Birthday Bash, I was at Midvalley.

I was shooting with the Minolta 70-210mm F4 “beercan” lens, and found that I was… invisible!

I don’t have its lens hood, and it’s all black and isn’t too big on the Sony A100 to cause heads to turn.

These car show girls are trained to turn and smile at the camera! They never did turn to me.

I then headed to One Utama.

…oh, I guess I wasn’t that invisible.


So hot, she has an earache.

Cuuute! I like the look of the one with the Hotwind shirt.

Colors in her hair.

Oh yeah baby, take my picture.

Composite of two pictures because I zoomed out to 70mm and couldn’t step back and didn’t want to swap lenses yet.

Yummy bums. Especially the one on the left.

Chicks will get on top. They dig bald heads.

HARRR? Where are you arrr?

I was right in front of some photography nut’s sister and she didn’t even notice.

I have this feeling we’re being watched.

Yum bum.

Damn, I thought I could get some milk off her.

Again, I have been spotted!

A beer promoter knows a beercan when she sees one.

Sweeet. She found her way into the VIP area and we danced!

We’re here having clean fun instead of being at KL Tower for Speedzone!

Davina-who-always-looks-different! And that’s me with the Kermit The Frog mouth.

Hot videographer.

…who works in a tag team!

Man, my imagination is going wild already.

Adam came up to me and asked, “Hey man we haven’t ever took a picture together!

The expression came from me not expecting his dreads to be so poky.

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