135 on 135

Backdated shots from the Auto Chinon 135mm F2.8 K-mount manual focus lens on my Pentax P30t, using Fujifilm Superia ASA400 film. All shots are wide open, at F2.8. Color balance has not been tweaked, but contrast increased ala high contrast paper, and minor sharpening to show the lens characteristics.

smashpOp is tired of posing while I manually focus, attempt to shoot… and find that the stupid P30t has swallowed yet another frame. I’d have to wind it again until I can shoot.

Oddly, bokeh is nice on the road curb, but rather bright-lined on faraway objects. It also does not look fully round, despite being completely wide-open.

Looking at the full-size scans, this lens isn’t sharp at F2.8. I have yet to find its sweet spot, though if I was to shoot at F4, my Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens would already take care of that range.

At infinity. It has a built-in sliding-out lens hood. Pretty decent flare control.

I have to say, it does a superb job of bringing out the color.

Mere levels tweaking and the colors have punch!

Nearer to infinity, the effect of F2.8 on faraway objects is much less. However, the focus marks on the lens go all the way up to 30 meters!

Fujifilm film rocks. This shot shows very subtle light falloff and subtle chromatic aberration.

This is a crop; note the horrid bokeh on the trees.

This is way, way weird. Out-of-focus spots nearer to the plane of focus are nice and round, while distant spots take a weird octagonal shape.

I also brought it to the Guitar Artistic Series! 135mm F2.8 1/30s ASA400 to let in enough natural light, mixed with the Nikon SB-28 in manual mode bounced.

Fadlly. Hooray film for keeping the highlights from being burnt!

Looking at the shadow, I’m not so sure if I bounced it or went with direct flash.

You’d get equivalent brightness and field of view with a 90mm F2.8 lens on a digital SLR with 1.5x crop factor.

The hair on the back of her head is in focus, but the hair in front is out of focus. Sweet!

I don’t dare to put this on my Vivitar 2x matched multiplied K-mount teleconverter because the last time I did, it got stuck on it. I didn’t shoot with the Vivitar 75-205mm F3.5-4.5 either as my Minolta 70-210mm F4 already took care of that, and brighter, too.

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