Just when I thought it was an uneventful neighborhood…

Strange sightings are seen.

Random streaks of light.

The energy arced and entered…

My neighbor’s car. It was alive! It glowed like the sun.

How did I do it?

It was a power outage. These shots were actually at 8 to 9pm, 20th March 2007. All shots at infinity, 30 seconds at ISO100, mounted on a tripod, and then darkened if necessary. Shots #1 and #4 were at 50mm F1.4, #3 and #5 at 18mm F3.5, shot #2 at 50mm F3.5.

Shot #2 was me with a torchlight. Interestingly, the moonlight was strong all the way till 10pm, when the power came back on. I had no idea moonlight was so bright!

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