No Sweat

This post was meant for Saturday, to keep my one-post-a-day record, but I broke it by not blogging from my phone as originally intended.

There was many a time I have been proud that I do not sweat much.

Then, I realized that I do sweat in polo shirts and shirts with more than 2 buttons (which is rare, so make sure you take every oppurtunity to camwhore with such a perspiring Albert).

Then I realized that I rarely wear polos and button-ful shirts. Every other guy probably wears them more often, and thus propagate the idea of men being sweaty pigs.

It’s not true, they’re just trying to look nice. If you would stop staring at their drenched sleeves.

Oh and for the record, it is good to make a girl sweat. 😉

In Other News

Somebody thought I was a spy.

What me Albert a spy? I don’t even remember what a martini tastes like! I talk into my phone, not my shoe! (Though the part about getting it on with hotties might be about right.)

Who do you work for?” he asked.

Yes, my camera does bring some attention, but no, I don’t take spy shots; I am a voyeur, and if I am flashing the crowd it is just to shoot some random chick.

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