Will Ferry

Seriously now, I might fall into a volcano in pursuit of a picture.

And so, if I don’t return, I hereby bequeath the following items to my family members:

My savings – my mom. She knows the banks and knows where it all goes.

My cameras, lenses and accessories – my sister. Last I calculated they go in the five-digit range, so if you don’t know what to do with it, ask Xian Jin. He would also know the value of each and know how much to sell each item accordingly.

My main right-side computer – my sister. My brother has practically taken over the left-side computer anyway. Yes, I have two computers side-by-side.

My magazines, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and mobile phones – my sister. She’s the magazine junkie.

My Transformers and other toys – my brother. Last I calculated they total in the four-digit range Mint-In-Box, so find the matching box in the stack of boxes in the room and sell them on TransMY.

My stash of alcohol – Su Ann. She willed me her Bacardi. *sniff*

Everything else – my dad. I don’t know what else there is, really.

Presuming I have fallen into the volcano, I would already be ash. If not, I’d like to donate my organs. Though I think that would require proper registration somewhere. The leftovers should be ashes, I don’t like taking up space and making you guys come back to clear the weeds that grow on my burial plot.

What volcano?

Tangkuban Perahu!

Anyway, I’m heading to Bandung, Indonesia this 14th to 17th of June 2007 for a travel-and-food-expenses-paid company trip. I’ll be overnighting at the office on Wednesday the 13th as the bus leaves ASTRO at 3am, and the flight is at 7:30am so that’s probably the last time you can send me SMSes telling me to buy stuff for you.

I’ll be landing in Jakarta first, so anybody who can provide leads as to where I can find Krispy Kreme nearest to the airport will be compensated with a donut of equivalent value in Malaysia. (Yes, I have not tried it.)

Also, do any of you silent blog readers know where I can find second-hand camera shops in Bandung? I’m looking for old, second-hand, rare lenses of about any mount. Maybe even cheap rangefinders and twin-lens-reflex cameras. I regret not getting the 500mm F8 reflex lens for M39 mount I saw a long time ago in Buy Sell Trade PJ Oldtown!

On a side note, I always found the Indonesian language to sound very… annoying. Bisa to me, means poison. Argh. Indon rock annoys me. Indonesians with parangs in the news annoy me. The one thing that doesn’t annoy me, is Indomee. Gotta remember to try it there.

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