Cosmic Farewell

Cosmic Funk Express was having yet another farewell gig at GrooveJunction, this time for sure, as Zack was leaving for Melbourne to further his studies.

No wait, make that two farewell gigs, on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2007. Their last uh… farewell gig was a year back.

But first! I met Hannah Tan again. Image cropped from my ever-popular Peleng 8mm F3.5 fisheye.

(Note: If you have read of such accounts of the encounter, they are all fabricated lies!)

Zack the double-guitar tapping god. Personally, I love it when he rips the intro to Adante Con Moto, or the Allan Holdsworth-like Conjunctions, or the funky funky Outhouze.

I like the accidental effect of flashing the top with a slow shutter speed to expose the bottom. I must stress that such effects can only be gotten with a performance with spotlights.

Alex Ang drums for the Cosmic Funk Express, and you can see him picking up steam.

One Buck Short guests and performs Christmas Morning.

Goreng pisang Pisang goreng!

Savy joins on keyboards.

Izwin sings and does a cover of Stevie Wonder – Superstition.

Alda meets the slow-sync zoomed-flash.

I see a lot of people trying out this method, but I gotta say – they need a lot of practice.

These guys have stage presence and energy. All three of them.

Alex makes like a Pink Floyd album cover.

New effect alert! This time, I will not specify how I did it. Make a guess and try to replicate it!

Funky spinners in the stirrer. Blow it to twirl! (Sadly, my iced lemon tea was not refillable.)

Hey Zack! You gotta try this honey lemon carbonated tea! It increases finger dexterity and makes your fingers glide across the fretboard!

Alex looks on suspiciously as Zack downs the drink.


*chokes* “This isn’t honey lemon carbonated tea! You poisoned me!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is why you should not accept drinks from your bandmates.

Okay, so that is not how the second night ended.

Every entertainment venue in Desa Sri Hartamas was raided by police. They came around, collecting our identity cards, checked them, and returned a whole bunch of them much later. Yes, that is a Chinese policeman whoa!

It almost looks like he is peddling identity cards.

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  1. Silencers Post author

    Here’s a stab at the new effect:

    I cant remember the filters you used for the soft focus, but you used that combo on slow sync flash with zoom and/or pan.

    Gotta love how it make Zack looks like he’s burning with passion.


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