On A Plane

And now, for the long awaited…

Company trip to Bandung! But first, notice what they call the KL Monorail now. It’s the KL Multimedia (on the other side the sign said KL Monorail, oddly.)

Duty free at the LCCT.

7am 14th June 2007.

My first conscious memory of being on a plane! (The last time was as a baby.) Hence you will see a bit more plane shots than is necessary.


I’d finally travelled outside my timezone of +800 GMT.

Looking out the window with a polarizer makes for abundant rainbows.

Infrared on my Canon Powershot A520 with a Hoya R72 filter.

I wonder if anybody kills time on a plane playing Monopoly.

Welcome to Jakarta!

Jakarta International Airport. Its external waiting area reminded me of the old Subang International Airport, with its musky old feel.

We took a 3-4 hour bus journey to Bandung, passing Jakarta, which had many a river.

Gotta love them old muscle-looking cars; they were everywhere! Also, lots of Japanese and Korean cars were seen around.

Hyatt Regency Bandung.

What better way to measure how many floors a hotel has than with a Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye?

I should’ve shot this in portrait orientation to make the room look like a cat’s eye.

The spacious toilet with locking door! (I’ve had it with people barging into the toilet for I have such luck as to get unlockable toilet doors most of the time. We were lucky then.)

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  1. Canon Freak Post author

    heh. way to go with the peleng in hotel rooms, perfect use of the fisheye. love the pics esp the hyatt ground to top floor pic 😉


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