An Honest Mistake Records Presents: The Rock Show (March 2015)

19th March 2015: An Honest Mistake Records Presents: The Rock Show (March 2015), at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s the first band, AVG.

Awesome groove rock. Some riffs remind me of Marilyn Manson.

Simmy noted how interesting they were, musically, turning a drum beat around.

The frontwoman was full of energy.

Then came a thousand notes per second, thanks to Kelvyn Yeang.

He pimps his CDs with emcee Scott.

Another technically adept band was next – Black Lightbulb!



Ash. Yes, there’s a patch on Simmy’s laptop called Ashrock, another called Samsong, and Stars And Waves (which is her famed Celtic Wave song.) I also spotted Overture – Ethereal Mallets.

Hameer sings along.

Raja Farouque, king of the speaker stack.

Go ahead and jump!

Last band of the night.

The grungy Nervedeless!

That seems like a grungy guitar, too.

The mosh.

Ah, to have my hair long again for maximum rocking out.

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