OJ Law ‘Let’s Be Adult’ Album Launch Show

22nd March 2015: OJ Law ‘Let’s Be Adult’ Album Launch Show at The Bee, Publika.

The place was packed!

So I only came in after the starting acts.

So here’s the awesome pop-hook writer, OJ Law.

So awesome, he got Liyana Fizi to sing a song with him, Fantastic Adventure. That story is documented in the digital download version of his album, Yesterday Is A Distant Dream. When I first bought it, I was amazed by the bonus digital content – the vocal-only outtakes, the demos, the early versions, the PDF that explains how each song came to be with lyrics… and OJ Law’s version of Only One, which appears in Liyana Fizi’s album, Between The Lines.

That, I thought, was the way to go with digital albums. It is a superb example that sticks in my head till today. The digital album no longer comes with all these bonus things, sadly, but what he plans to do with it, I shall leave to him to publicize.

Also, Liyana Fizi said I was mysterious. I’m… just putting this out there.

Back when we both had long hair, we were often mistaken for each other.

I finally met the red-headed version of Bihzhu!

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