Crossed Back Here

28th June 2007 was Crossborders at Laundry Bar! After more than two months of not going there for gigs, I returned… to find about nobody familiar other than the people who work there.

First up was alt-rocking Hujan.

Ho yeah!

They seem to be working the screens above much more, now.

As always, I am trying different post-processing looks.

Jeffrey Little of Prana, on percussion for Pure Vibracion.

“Ooo, isn’t that someone’s brother?”

Everybody reggae!

Put your dreads in the air…

…and wave them red yellow greens!

This is how you ska. As always, every reggae outfit must play a Bob Marley song. Which makes me wonder if he was the only relevant reggae artiste.

Next up: Inspirational Joni. Dancy dancy!

This Indonesian band brought a massive crowd… and at least 8 cases of crowd-surfing to Laundry Bar. Amazing!

Shout, stomp, rock to the anthem. They had a healthy dose of electro and punk. Most reminiscent of The Clash and Republica, perhaps.

…and where were hot Indonesian chicks like these when I went to Bandung? I love her swept hair. Very CFM-ish.

Not just one, two surfers! The singer was thanking the crowd for totally rocking out. (I’m guessing you can’t do that in Indonesia… but then, the way no safety gates are built there around construction, I’d think they wouldn’t care.)

I’ve got a fever and the cure is more cowbell! Sexiness multiplied.

That guy with red pants must’ve been up at least 5 times.

6 thoughts on “Crossed Back Here

  1. Janice Depp Post author

    I think I’ve seen that long dreadlocks guy around my college before… yea I think so…hahaha

  2. the interesting specimen Post author

    i missed it!
    i didnt know what the line up was like la… pergi pun tak bagi tau! humph!

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Janice Depp: Maybe in Rhapsody Midvalley also? Dreads aren’t that common.

    the interesting specimen: Oh boy, then I guess you won’t like the next few blog entries. 😛 I believe you were busy, busy busy woman! I read Laundry Bar’s blog to find out that in the previous week was a band that covered Depeche Mode. ARGH!


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