Blame It On The Rain

A quick update.

I spent my last working day at the All-Asia Broadcast Center facility last Friday, 27th July 2007, where I spent 2412 days. The big heads upstairs relocated the technological workforce to a building somewhat nearby.

It was this Monday morning that I was looking forward to. I’d get on the company bus to the same old building, then take a sunny morning walk through Technology Park, soaking in the smell of trees and the sound of birds chirping.

Of course, the grand rule of Monday dictated that I was to have no such grand entry; instead, it had to rain on my parade.

And so, I blog this, sitting at my old Xfresh office, nicknamed The Fishtank, from another workstation, with no pictures. My workstation, ah! It lies beyond, when the rain is over. The promise of a faster Internet connection, without sharing a 2 megabit line with over a thousand users, might be enough to summon such foolhardy walking in the rain.

If I sneeze profusely the next time I see you, you’ll know why.

6 thoughts on “Blame It On The Rain

  1. the interesting specimen Post author

    u know u’ll be missing that place..
    we’ll have another parade next time when the sun is right hehe

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    the interesting specimen: The sun is scorching when it’s not raining. I walked this morning and it was beautiful!

    Diane: Will be sending them soon!

    Asyraf Lee: Yeah I had a jacket… at the office. Ah well.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    The building isn’t; they just moved us into an existing office in TPM.

    They’ve already changed it to house Infozone. Why, I don’t understand, because Infozone already has an office upstairs.

  4. Will Post author

    Wah. I thought the building wouldn’t be done till two years later?

    Anyway, is it true they’re going to turn the fishtank into an office for the radio cruisers?


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