Here’s Johnny!

Ever since I posted a certain entry about a certain interesting specimen, everyone has been demanding a blog entry for their birthday. Actually, I think that’s easier than getting something for somebody, especially when I don’t know what to get. Or when I’m broke. So yeah, Happy Birthday Awesome Possum! (I think it’s obvious that I did not come up with such a nickname.)

Red-haired rebel.

We went for Carl’s Jr. in One Utama. Such fast food joy! Heinz sauce makes a smile. Crispy, crunchy bacon. Unlimited refillable soft drinks… and iced lemon tea!

We found out that we have practically the same tongue. We went to Bestari, Desa Sri Hartamas, ordered double Indomee, and I poked my egg yolk to dribble it on the mee and mix it with the sauce… to look and find that she was doing the same thing! Surreal. Like seeing oneself eat in the mirror. We also collide on tastes in Mamee snack noodle and Nando’s. I can’t remember what else though.

Circular sofas! I love sofas, especially circular ones! The place wasn’t that crowded so we could hog that table.

5 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny!

  1. Janice Depp Post author

    Thank you so much wacky ape-y monkey!I loovee the first picture 🙂 Oh yea, we both ordered the same burger without telling each other, and you forgot to mention the burgers there is so goood they wear diapers


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