On the 23rd of June 2007, I went for the Sony Alpha 12 Hour Street Shooting Marathon. I didn’t stay till the end, as I went for the Cosmic Funk Express farewell gig.

We started off by hopping on the KL Monorail from KL Central all the way to Titiwangsa.

Upon reaching there, we found out that Ted Adnan was secretly a camwhore.

Street photography they say is about permission and shorter focal length ‘birding’.


Light a candle for feminism!

Paging for macdude.

The Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye on my Minolta Dynax 7. Full frame cropped to give a square circle. Sharp as heck at F16.

Sony 11-18mm F4.5-5.6 DT lens, at 13mm F5 F22 1/500th of a second. All hail the amazing lens that works on a full-frame camera, at even wider than it is on the Sony A100 with 1.5x crop factor!

13mm F5 F11 1/40th of a second on full-frame.

In comparison, 11mm on the Sony A100, with a 16.5mm equivalent, doesn’t look so impressive anymore. 🙁

We also did panning shots. I had no idea that panners used flash! (And to think, I used to do that on my point-and-shoot without flash and it seemed so easy.)

Ted the tourist.

Waiting for something to come his way.

Back at Titiwangsa Monorail Station, we spotted two-legged snails.

We then headed to a mamak, where the Peleng on my Sony A100 provided enough coverage.

Poison session at, 3rd floor, above Uncle Lim’s in Berjaya Times Square. Andersen Chong is a long-time Minolta fan who brings in gems and sells them on eBay.

Featured in the picture is Justin, being poisoned by his Tokina 20-35mm F2.8 AT-X.

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Canon Freak: Nope. A wide-angle does have an effect of warping sides, but not the fisheye. Some people get wobbly with ‘swimming’ stabilized tele lenses! I usually don’t get any dizziness from first-person-shooter games either.


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